What Are Sew in Hair Extensions?

What are sew in hair extensions

If you’re considering adding hair extensions, there are plenty of factors to consider. Hand-tied weaves are one option. Sew-in hair extensions are an additional option. Sew-in hair extensions can be used to increase length or volume.

Wefts that are tied with a hand

Hand-tied wefts are a very popular kind of sew-in hair extensions. They are flexible and non-bulky making them an ideal choice for those with thin hair. Anyone who doesn’t want harm their hair could make use of hand-tied weft extensions.

Sew-in hair extensions have been used for many years. These extensions have gained popularity in recent years due to social media and increased use by celebrities and influential people. Many customers aren’t aware of the difference between machine-made and handtied wefts. This is due to the fact that stylists commonly think that hand-tied wefts made by machines are hand-tied extensions.

The application process for hand-tied weaves can take anywhere between 1.5 to three hours. Based on the density, hand-tied weaves can last from six to eight months. These are some tips to care for your hand-tied weaves. When washing, be sure to clean the wefts with gentleness. Do not put them in a piled up style.


Sew-in hair extensions can be extremely expensive. Virgin hair is the most costly type of hair extensions. It is made entirely from human hair. It has not been chemically treated, and is considered to be healthier than natural hair. However, virgin hair is difficult to match, and the cost could be as high as $300 for a complete head of hair.

Sew-in hair extensions can be incredibly expensive, so it’s recommended to conduct some research prior to making a decision. Before you make a final choice, talk to your stylist about the cost. Make sure you discuss the duration and maintenance with your stylist. They’re expensive, but they will allow your hair to grow healthy and long.

Another option that is popular is hair extensions tape. These extensions are comprised of hair segments which are attached to a keratin tape with a double-sided side. The tape is approximately 2 inches in width and is applied by a stylist close to the scalp. The stylist will apply the tape to the hair and then sandwich the hair between the tape. Hair extensions taped in are easy to apply and cost less than traditional hair extensions. In addition to being easy to put in and removed, these extensions can also be laid flat underneath the hair you have.


Sew-in hair extensions are available in a wide variety of lengths and colors. These extensions are made from the same thread that is used for natural hair. They can be purchased from reputable businesses like Hottie Hair. It is a good idea, before you decide on the hairpiece that you want to purchase, you read customer reviews and star ratings. This will help ensure that you are dealing with a reputable company. Before you commit to purchasing a piece of hair, it’s essential to evaluate the experiences of the hair extensions stylist.

Properly care will improve the durability of sew-in hair extensions. When you’re wearing these hair extensions, make sure you shampoo and brush your hair regularly to ensure they’re looking good as they can. The hairpieces are able to last up to three months. You should ask your hairdresser to remove the old set and allow it to rest for several weeks before you purchase an additional one.

It can be difficult to wash sew-in hair extensions. They are prone to accumulating bacteria and buildup since they are permanently bonded to hair. You could cause damage to your extensions if you’re not cautious. To prevent this from happening, it’s crucial to select a reliable stylist. Also, inform your stylist whether your hair feels tight. Ask your stylist for tips on how to care for your hair extensions. The more you understand, the more comfortable you will be.


To ensure the durability of sew-in hair extensions, it is crucial to clean and untangle them. Make sure that you use a conditioner gentle enough for natural hair. The conditioner is made from natural ingredients and can enhance your hair’s shine. In addition, a protective style can aid in avoiding damage to your hair’s natural hair when you styling with heat. Always use protection from heat when showering or bathing to keep your hair extensions safe.

Your hair extensions are expected to last between six to eight weeks. Once this time has passed then it’s time to take off your sew-in extensions. You’ll have to go back to the salon to re-install your sew-in hair extensions. The removal and reinstallation of sew-ins should take place within 6-8 weeks. Depending on the type of extensions you have you can decide to get new ones or change your style frequently.

To ensure your sewn-ins last for a long time it is recommended that you wash your hair at a minimum of twice a week. This will prevent matting and reduce the possibility for premature deterioration of bundles. Avoid sulfates when selecting a product. It will also make your hair soft and manageable. It is important to untangle your hair before washing it to minimize breakage.

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